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Our Competitive Edge in Healthcare Investing

Aligned & Trusted Partner

Decades of history in life science venture capital and healthcare growth investments, backed by global institutional and private investors

Commitment to “Do good while doing well”

Focused on double bottom line performance - combining financial performance with strong governance, compliance, and ESG-driven impact creation, for the benefit of patients, communities, and investors

Tested Value Creation, Growth and Expansion Models, across Verticals and Geographies

Lead investor in selected healthcare verticals, with a dedication to entrepreneurship and focus on operational excellence to drive company growth

Uniquely Experienced & Globally Connected Team

Highly experienced in venture capital, private equity, investment banking, and healthcare operations, regionally as well as internationally


As a dedicated healthcare investor aiming to close unmet medical needs in our target regions, we contribute significantly to U.N. SDG 3 (Good Health & Well-being) with all our investments.

Additionally, we measurably support several more U.N. Sustainable Development Goals with our investment activity.