TVM Healthcare Institute Hosts its First KSA Think Tank in Riyadh

Government officials, investment leaders, and global healthcare innovators convened to discuss Saudi Arabia’s rapidly evolving healthcare sector

TVM Healthcare Institute has held its inaugural KSA Think Tank in Riyadh, exploring ‘Access to Care & Healthcare Investment Trends in KSA.’ During the invitation-only event, government officials, investment leaders, and global healthcare innovators shared their insights on a range of crucial topics chosen to reflect the priorities of Saudi’s Vision 2030 and the Health Transformation Program.

The TVM Healthcare Institute is an initiative of TVM Capital Healthcare, supported by a network of top executives, key influencers, and other visionaries in the healthcare industry.

This marks the third annual event and its first in the MENA region, following the Think Tank’s successful introduction in Southeast Asia.

The gathering came shortly after the closing of TVM Capital Healthcare’s Saudi-focused Afiyah Fund with approximately USD 250 million (SAR 920 million) raised from a distinguished group of investors led by Jada Fund of Funds and SVC. A significant factor of the fund’s success is TVM Capital Healthcare’s ability to bring world-class business models from the United States, Europe, and Asia to the Kingdom, building a bridge between its global and local expertise, having operated in Saudi since 2015.

The Riyadh Think Tank sessions included:

  • Healthcare investment trends in Saudi Arabia with Dr. Hamad AlDhewalia, Senior Advisor at TVM Capital Healthcare, and former Vice Minister of Health Affairs, Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia; Dr Sara Sayed, Advisor at the Ministry of Investment; Tristan de Boysson, Managing Partner at TVM Capital Healthcare.
  • Localizing biotech and pharma manufacturing with Dr. Helmut Schuehsler, Chairman & CEO at TVM Capital Healthcare; Dr. Abdullah Baaj, Founder & CEO of Boston Oncology; Peter Bühler, CFO of Valneva Austria GmbH; Orhan Osmansoy, Managing Partner at TVM Capital Healthcare; Dr. Bert Quint, CEO of DEBx Medical.
  • The new horizon – genomics and longevity medicine with Ghida Harfouche, Partner at TVM Capital Healthcare; HRH Princess Dr. Haya Bint Khaled Bin Bandar Al Saud, Vice President of Research, Hevolution Foundation; Dr. David Berry, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Bedford Bridge; Prof. Dr. Evelyne Bischof, Chief Physician, Internal Medicine, Shanghai University of Medicine & Founding VP, Healthy Longevity Medicine Society; Anita Cosgrove, Advisor, Human Longevity, Inc.; Dr. Wei-Wu He, Executive Chairman, Human Longevity, Inc.
  • The promise of extended care in Saudi Arabia with Michael Davis, Founder and CEO of Davis Health; Othman Abahussein, Operating Partner at TVM Capital Healthcare; Jad Halaby, CEO of Baraya Extended Care; Thomas Mechtersheimer, Founder & CEO of neurocare group; David E. Storto, Board Member of Baraya Extended Care.

Dr. Helmut M. Schuehsler, Chairman and CEO of TVM Capital Healthcare, explained: “We believe in bringing global leaders together to share learnings, strengthen connections, and promote continued growth and investment in healthcare. This year’s Think Tank was an excellent opportunity to explore the rapidly developing Saudi market and maximize our continued efforts to improve access to world-leading products, technologies, and services in the Kingdom.”

Dr. Hamad AlDhewalia, Senior Advisor at TVM Capital Healthcare, and former Vice Minister of Health Affairs, Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia said: “One of the primary pillars of Vision 2030 is to increase quality of life and enable people to live healthier lives for longer. TVM Capital Healthcare is bringing new technology and new concepts to the country and I am thrilled to be working with the team to invest in so many promising projects that address much-needed gaps in the provision of care.”

Chris Sardy, Senior Director, SEDCO Holding, added: “The healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia is underpinned by several fundamentals, including a large population, growing elderly community, high prevalence of certain diseases and, most crucially, a supply and demand gap in several key areas. This makes healthcare highly attractive for investors, and now is the time to act so that the Saudi people and the Kingdom in general can reap the benefits.”

Rebecca Hall, CEO, Kanoo Ventures, concluded: “The Saudi government is doing a huge amount of work to encourage foreign investment, which is bringing about tremendous change. Previously, many Saudi people travelled outside the country for specialty care, whereas we are now seeing excellent options open up locally. We are impressed by TVM Capital Healthcare’s desire to build companies that will grow into national champions and extremely proud to be part of that journey with them.”


About TVM Capital Healthcare

TVM Capital Healthcare is an emerging markets-focused healthcare private equity firm headquartered in Dubai and Singapore, with offices in Riyadh and Ho Chi Minh City and supporting offices in Munich and Boston. The firm invests expansion and growth capital in healthcare companies to improve local access to quality care and provide local sources of medical products in the pharma, medical device and diagnostics sectors. Investment and operating partners, as well as a strong group of regional and international senior advisors have long-standing international track records in healthcare investing, active board work, contributions to strategy development and implementation, as well as deep healthcare operating experience in the relevant markets. The firm partners with local Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian management teams to build domestic or regional sector champions and selectively backs companies from Europe or North America for expansion into the firm’s target geographies.

Medical quality of its service businesses is safeguarded by collaborations with leading international medical technology and clinical partners as well as international accreditation agencies such as Joint Commission International (JCI). TVM Capital Healthcare’s investment and operating approach combines strong commercial value creation and financial returns with responsible investing in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).