We partner with management teams to grow impactful companies in healthcare and make them sector leaders or even “national champions”.


As an expansion and growth capital investor, we focus on businesses with a business model we understand and rate as potentially high growth and high-impact. We like to see revenues, even small, and a clear path to profitability. In short, we find companies in the commercialization stage of their products and services most attractive for investment.


In the value chain of the financing industry our capital often comes after the capital of the founders, angel investors or even early stage venture capitalists, and provides the required financial means to build the company to a sustainable size and “critical mass”.


With our investment activity, we seek to address unmet healthcare needs in our target markets and provide access to affordable, innovative, quality healthcare services and products. As an active investor – together with our strategic corporate partners, clinical performance partners, operating partners and senior advisors – we support portfolio companies in their expansion domestically, regionally, or in selected cases even internationally.

Investment Focus

We specialize in the healthcare verticals we believe address a clearly defined medical need, will have the greatest demand and offer the best growth rates in the near-to mid-term. We partner with corporations as technology and solution providers and renowned medical institutions as clinical partners to deliver great care, create impact, and generate attractive returns.


Digital health solutions and platforms are expected to be the unifying force behind the business models we engage in. With digital applications our portfolio companies create new, innovative and integrated solutions to reach everyone – including under-served areas.

Our approach in adressing healthcare investments opportunities:
Focus on innovative healthcare delivery models, in the post-acute continuum of care, specialty care, diagnostics and medtech
Backing management teams and companies in an early growth stage - closing a gap in healthcare provision
Quality and execution focused - Personal relationship driven
Driven by good corporate governance, strong ethics and compliance
Value creation playbook combines double bottom line performance: financial and societal output and outcome are the direct result of our financial and ESG driven investment strategy
Attractive management incentives