At the Building Healthcare Innovation & Design Show conference in Dubai this month, Dr. Helmut Schuehsler, Chairman & CEO of TVM Capital Healthcare, discussed the latest opportunities and risks for healthcare investors in emerging markets including MENA.

Alongside other healthcare industry giants, including Manzil Healthcare Services, a TVM Capital Healthcare majority-owned homecare company, Dr. Schuehsler highlighted that healthcare in emerging markets is likely to offset slower growth in North America and Western Europe over the next 10-20 years.

He attributed this growth to growing and aging populations, the rising prevalence of chronic diseases, increased global healthcare spending, and a rising number of high-income households.

Dr. Schuehsler expects a demand-supply gap for beds, doctors, and nurses, to grow across the GCC health sector, providing an opportunity for the private sector to fill capacity gaps and improve quality of care and access for patients.

Health spending in the GCC continues to grow, supported by the introduction of Mandatory Health Insurance (MHI), which will significantly increase the private sector’s share of health infrastructure capacity and health services utilization.