AMILI is a precision gut microbiome company building the world’s largest multi-ethnic Asia-centric microbiome database, including Southeast Asia’s only stool bank. Applying advanced analytics to its database, AMILI is developing diagnostics tests, predictive algorithms and microbiome-modifying interventions to support the gut microbiome innovation and therapy to positively impact millions of lives across Asia. The company is based in Singapore. Its consumer health arm, BIO & ME, utilises insights from AMILI’s database to generate Asia-centric solutions towards personalised diets, supplementation and precision health.
Investment date  June 2022- Read the Deal Announcement
Sector Microbiome
Region Southeast Asia: Singapore
Investment type Expansion

Investment Rationale

The global human microbiome market will witness a robust CAGR of 31.08%, valued at $115.42 million in 2021, expected to appreciate and reach $1318.72 million by 2030, confirms Strategic Market Research. 

Core assets are used to power AMILI’s four commercial engines: 

  1. Diagnostics and Therapeutics: AMILI works closely with academic institutions and biotech companies to identify novel biomarkers, elucidate mechanistic pathways and formulate products to modify the gut microbiome and treating disease.
  2. Fecal Microbiota Transplants (“FMT”): Collection, analysis and storage of FMT preparations used by patients, hospitals and research institutes across the region.
  3. Personalised Wellness: The direct-to-consumer arm of AMILI, branded as BIO & ME, which include sales of gut health testing services and personalised supplements.
  4. Consumer: Partnerships with Consumer Food Companies to assist them in product validation, measurement and developments. Providing them with insights to the impact of various ingredients, recipes and foods on the human microbiome, particularly as it pertains to the Asian consumer.

Impact linked to UN SDGs

  • AMILI is Southeast Asia’s first and only precision gut microbiome company. Founded by academic doctors and scientists, our aim is to advance microbiome research and apply this knowledge to improve human health. AMILI houses Southeast Asia’s first and only gut microbiome transplant bank and is building up the world’s largest multi-ethnic Asia gut microbiome database.
Future Growth Prospects
  • Although gut health research has advanced steadily over the years in other regions, there is still a big gap in research that is representative of the Asian population. AMILI advances microbiome research and will positively impacts millions of lives with its Asian microbiome database